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Welcome to the technical documentation of azuma products.

azuma is a product development company specialized in the health industries and cloud software / modules. If you like to know more about azuma, please visit our homepage.

Target audience

This documentation is tailed towards a technical audience interested in using azuma products or integrating azuma modules / azuma APIs.


azuma doa

azuma doa is tailored to the health industry and provides all participants with a one-stop solution for identity management. Practitioners and patients can finally trust to securely access innovative solutions with a single account (ready for federated SSO) while startups and software developers can speed up their development, cut costs and provide their users with value-added services.

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azuma mimoto

azuma mimoto implements Gesundheits-ID as a service and focuses on an easy way of integrating existing solutions that are capable of implementing the well established OpenID Connect (authorization code flow).

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azuma hokoku (Coming Soon)

azuma hokoku strives to support end-to-end processes for pharmacovigilance. It will offer an API based approach in side effect reporting for practitioner solutions as well as a full SaaS product to support doctors and drug safety responsibles.

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azuma hashi (Coming Soon)