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Manage Users

To invite further users and/or organize those in separate departments to reflect your organizational setup, please navigate to the tenant details page (tab: users).

Invite new users

In azuma doa you can (batch) invite users to your tenant.

To invite users, all you need to provide is

  • an e-mail of the user
  • role to be set for the new user

azuma doa will take care of the required setup including sending out an invitation e-mail.


azuma doa will never disclose any passwords nor will let you set up/change passwords of existing users.


Password recovery can be achieved by each user with the implemented self-service flows.

Add users

azuma doa implements a hierarchical multi-tenant concept, therefore once a user is assigned to any of your tenants, you can simply add them to further tenants (that your are the admin of). This simplifies the overall organization of many users in multiple tenants / departments.

Offboard users

To off board existing users, an admin should simply remove the user account in question from the tenant.