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Our Infrastructure Approach

At azuma we stongly believe in automation and an 'everything as code' approach, especially when it comes to infrastructure deployment, configuration and maintenance. Coupled with a multi-staging setup of similarly built environments, this high level of automation ensures we deploy infrastructure changes without any impact or disruptions to our products.


Having the definition of your cloud infrastructure and configuration in code as well as knowing the current state of your cloud infrastructure allows for great deployment traceability especially in multi-staging / multi-cloud setups.

To achieve such high level of automation, we chose pulumi to create, configure and maintain our infrastructure. pulumi allows us to maintain the definition of our infrastructure in a high level programming language (we currently use C#), while keeping state information in the so called pulumi stacks. Coupled with a github based pipeline, we can safely deploy changes (stage per stage, including manual approvals where necessary) for our products.

Pipeline Example:

Additionally, we believe in using the best available infrastructure and runtime services instead of building everything from scratch. Therefore, as a cloud based product development company, we choose the Azure Cloud (region: North Europe) to host our solutions.


This overview shows our infrastructure setup as well as an excerpt of used infrastructure and runtime services.



We have multiple internal as well as public environments.

The idea behind multiple public environments is to allow our customers to align their development environments to ours. Currently only 1 extra development (pie) environment is available publicly. Should the need arise for further environments, please contact us.

IaaS provider

Currently azuma doa is deployed on Microsoft azure. For more information about Microsoft azure privacy/security topics feel free to visit Microsoft Trust Center. With our privacy by design and zero trust architecture we make sure to mitigate any risks of data loss & theft.


In case you are concerned about azuma doa running on infrastructure operated by a US company, the only hyperscalers azuma works with and will ever work with strive to conform to EU regulations and fight privacy infringements. e.g. Microsoft regularly publishes reports on law enforcement and government requests .

More Coming soon.